Wild Life


Amazing nature. Amazing world. Sometimes its rough, sometimes just stunning and even heartbreaking. My artistic credo has always been:  "Art is Beauty. Beauty breeds Fantasy. Fantasy opens up the Universe!" We can make people feel, reflect, smile, laugh out loud. We can make them cry or angry. But in the end, we opened up their individual universe.  Isn´t it amazing what ART is capable of? Welcome!

Studio Nordquist, Sjöflygvägen 44 i Täby, Sweden.


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Welcome and visit me and my paintings, online or offline at my Studio in Täby. Feel free and follow me on social media! Do share with people you like. 
Last summer I interpreted the "apple of science" for a client. Maybe you also would like an interpretation of something special?  Give me a call and we shall discuss it.


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in harmony with nature?

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