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Yes, I admit: I am scared! Not so much for myself (I already got my lot in this life). But for my loved ones. A dear relative died last week and I have no chance to say goodbye. I mean, a real goodbye can not be online or virtual, in my opinion. All is black. But I went and bought light colours only yesterday. Now there is rosé and ivory, light grey and blue. Let´s see what happens today and in the coming weeks.

Welcome and visit me and my paintings, online or offline (I always have a pack of mouth-masks at my Studio!).

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This summer I interpreted the "apple of science" for a client. Maybe you also would like an interpretation of something special?,

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Spring... When the sun warms the earth again, we will invite you to visit us in Täby, to view our new art projects and to shop bracelets/jewellry - outside on the carpark, which is right OUTSIDE MY STUDIO, Sjöflygv. 44, Täby.

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